Dance: Up Close and Cultural 2009

March 28, 2009 2:00 pm

Carillo Recreation Center

AD&M’s second free public workshop at the Carrillo Recreation Center included excerpts from Carrie Diamond’s Concerto Allegro, Diamond’s Terra Incognita, and Carlos Fittante’s Wayang Blues as well as full performances of Brian Carey Chung’s Interlude and Benjamin Harkarvy’s Premonition. Afro-Brazilian dancing by Rachel Hernandez and Balinese dancing by Carlos Fittante provided the world dance elements.

This event was made possible with the support of Santa Barbara Bank & Trust and is funded in part by the Organizational Development Grant Program using Funds provided by the City of Santa Barbara in partnership with the Santa Barbara County Arts Commission.

The Company

Jekyns Pelaez, guest dancer
Felicia Guzman
Rachel Mann
Rachel Kaltenbach
Christina Sanchez

Stephanie Sivers, soprano
Eric Valinsky, piano and percussion
Philip Hernandez, drummer
Nikolas Valinsky, drummer

Artistic Staff:
Carrie Diamond, founder and artistic director
Eric Valinsky, music director

The Program

Midnight Tangle

Choreography: Lizabeth Skalski
Music: Kurt Weill
Costume design: Linda Hayes

Felicia Guzman, Jekyns Pelaez

Prelude from Les Sylphides

Choreography: Michel Fokine
Music: Frederic Chopin

Rachel Mann
Piano: Eric Valinsky

Ah Love! Let us be True to One Another

Excerpt 1: Duet
Christina Sanchez, Jekyns Pelaez

Excerpt 2: Trio
Rachel Kaltenbach, Rachel Mann, Christina Sanchez

Choreography: Brian Carey Chung
Costumes: Ann Bruice
Music: Gabriel Fauré

Soprano: Stephanie Sivers
Piano: Eric Valinsky

Demonstration and Kids’ Class

Eight Miniatures

Choreography: Carrie Diamond
Music: Igor Stravinsky

Felicia Guzman, Rachel Mann, Jekyns Pelaez

I. Iansa, densa dos ventos

Goddess of the winds, traditional Afro-Brazilian dance

Rachel Kaltenbach
Musicians: Philip Hernandez with Nikolas and Eric Valinsky

II. Bloco Afro

Popular dance from the state of Bahia, Brazil

Choreography: Rachel Kaltenbach
Rachel Kaltenbach, Christina Sanchez

Afro-Brazilian Class for all ages

Please join us for refreshments following the program.


Midnight Tangle