Dance: Up Close and Cultural 2014

June 8, 2014 12:00 am

Carillo Recreation Center

The Program

Master of Ceremonies:

Hugh C. Browne


Susan Alexander


Mari Sandoval and Dancers

Music: Traditional
Choreography: Traditional. Adapted by Mari Sandoval
Music: Sevillanas
Dancers: Mari Sandoval, Kati Isabel, Monica Ramos

Turkish By Matisse

AD&M Performance Group

Choreography: Mari Sandoval
Music: Three Pieces for String Quartet by Igor Stravinsky

Danced by: Carrie Diamond


AD&M Performance Group

Choreography: Carrie Diamond
Music: Andante from Piano Sonata Op. 28 by Beethoven

Dancers: Jessica Feltman, Nikki Pfeiffer, Sally Schuiling
Piano: Eric Valinsky

La Vida Breve

Mari Sandoval and Dancers

Choreography: Mari Sandoval
Music: Manual De Falla
Costume Design: Da’ad Elias D’auri, executed by Nikii Henry

Dancers: Mari Sandoval, Kati Isabel, Monica Ramos

Onstage dance activity

Everyone is invited to join
Led by: Carrie Diamond and E. Bonnie Lewis

Cardinal Sin

Collaboration between AD&M Performance Group and DramaDogs

Created by: DramaDogs E. Bonnie Lewis & Ken Gilbert
Director: E. Bonnie Lewis
Choreography: Carrie Diamond*
Original Music by: Eric Valinsky
Assistant to the Director: Liam Connell
Costumes: Mission Linen

Acted/Danced by Erica Connell, Nikki Pfeiffer, Sally Schuiling, Mackenzie Urbanowicz

* Ms. Diamond would like to thank the cast for their outstanding choreographic contributions to this piece.

Program Notes: The impetus for the creation of this offbeat piece came from an acting challenge—would it be possible to create a theater piece with a recipe? How does one work with the material that a recipe provides? After perusing many different types of recipes, reading them out loud, improvising with voice and movement, Julia Childs’ Cardinal Slice won out. Her use of language, her dramatic flair inherent in her descriptions and instructions, her wit and her underlying passion spoke to the company and the framework was set. The piece premiered in 1998, was revived in 2014 for SBCC’s April dance concert, and has now reemerged in collaboration with AD&M. Enjoy and savor our madcap chefs as we share our own theatrical kitchen with you!
Please join us for refreshments following the program.


Turkish by Matisse — Santa Barbara Premiere

Pastorale — Second Movement World Premiere

Cardinal Sin